…10 years later

On my world trip in 2010, I eventually made it to Melbourne. This is where my world trip ended. I was looking back at wonderful 11 months of travelling from Vienna to Melbourne overland. You can read all about it here on this blog.

From Melbourne I took a flight back to Vienna, where I started to work as a physics teacher in high school right away. I was doing this job for 9 years. However on my world trip I found my passion for photography, and I was planning for a while to quit my teacher job and start something in this area.

Now this time has come. I quit my teacher job this September, and I am starting a new business.
The business is about producing videos which create a relaxing ambience. This could be videos of a fireplace, a creek in the forest, the ocean, etc.
To get an idea about the videos, you can check out the trailer:

The first videos are getting online now on my new Youtube Channel Aura Video Art.

New videos are coming out every couple of weeks. If you want to be informed about new releases you can subscribe to the channel.

The videos are also available in even better quality on my website: www.auravideoart.com

It is a full time job to produce videos like this, and I am always trying to improve the quality. I hope they can indeed create a nice and relaxing atmosphere for many people around the world. And hopefully I can make a living out of it some day, so I can continue producing these kind of videos.
We will see. The trip on this world continues anyway. And it is a beautiful trip! 🙂
What do you think about ambience videos and how does your trip continue? I would be interested in it. Please leave a comment if you want to share!

See you,