Going on a sailing trip from Phuket to Australia

Unfortunately my blog has still not caught up with my most recent travels (despite the more frequent blog entries lately). The last couple of weeks in Cambodia and in Thailand have been very interesting and I will soon write about it in this blog.

However, for the next couple of weeks I might not have many opportunities to keep the blog updated. The reason is, that I will join the crew on a sailing boat in Phuket (where I am staying right now). The boat will go to Australia, where it will probably arrive in the beginning of May. Along the way there will probably be stops in Singapore and in Bali, where I will also try to update the blog.

The sailing vessel, by the way, is a Bavaria 49 (The picture below is only a symbol photo of another Bavaria 49).


The last couple of days I’ve been busy reading the book “Sailing for Dummies”, since this will be my first time on a sailing boat. Yesterday I met up with the skipper, Piotr from Poland, in Phuket city. He is a very nice guy and a very experienced sailor. I hope to learn many things from him about sailing.

Alright then, so even if this blog will not be very alive for the next couple of weeks, stay tuned!

See you soon!